Hi, I’m Toma Sabaliauskiene.

Tech passionista with 15+ years of experience in marketing and a growing portfolio of angel investments.

I treasure my time spent sailing in confined waters.
But my true calling is to charter paths through digital marketing and entrepreneurship challenges.

About me

Toma Sabaliauskiene is the chief marketing officer for Nord Security, a leading provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions. Over the last five years, Toma and her international team of more than 200 marketing specialists paved the way for the company’s flagship product NordVPN to become the most popular brand in the market. 

In her role, Toma oversees all aspects of Nord Security’s marketing, design, and brand communications across the product family. She is responsible for driving demand and customer retention through a wide variety of channels. 

Toma Sabaliauskiene is also an angel investor with a growing investment portfolio. She is a vocal advocate for women’s elevation in the tech industry through education and growth opportunities. Together with her team at Nord Security, Toma is also working hard to provide emergency access to secure online access for journalists, NGOs, and people at risk. Her personal interests include traveling, and she is a certified sailing captain.

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Digital marketing

Over the years, Toma led multiple teams of digital marketing experts and developed extensive skills and competencies in the following areas:

Performance marketing


Covering affiliate partnerships, influencers, and growth marketing fields.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Optimizations to make sure ads in search engines, websites, and other channels deliver the best results at the lowest price.

Mobile app marketing

Growing revenue from mobile apps by working with various advertising channels, optimizing app listings on app marketplaces, and running tests.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Growing website revenue from organic traffic through keyword research, content optimization, backlink building, and other tactics.

User retention

Nurturing the relationship with users over email and in-app notifications, onboarding, and keeping them informed about the value they receive.

Marketing insights

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Looking for ideas to boost conversions, creating hypotheses, and building experiments to test them.

Research and insights

Providing valuable insights based on the findings from market research and customer surveys.

Marketing data analysis

Analyzing marketing- and product-related data, calculating key metrics, and providing growth forecasts.

Branding & communication


Shaping the brand’s core messages and tone of voice, writing and editing all types of copy, and running social media channels.

Public relations

Writing press releases, maintaining contacts with journalists, working with the brand’s reputation, and creating opinion pieces.

Web and graphic design

Creating web UI/UX, campaign ads, videos, animations, presentations, and more.

Online reputation

Managing online reputation by covering everything from direct messages on social media to communication with external parties.

Marketing operations

Marketing projects management

Managing sales campaigns, cross-team projects, implementing pricing policies, and ensuring everything is launched on time.

Localization management

Global products require global marketing with a dedicated focus on translating relevant content into other languages. Whether it is the web, apps, videos, or something else, content in a local language drives engagement.

Web content management

Publishing landing pages, maintaining existing content, and coordinating content localization for various markets.

Angel investment profile

Toma is an experienced service industry professional and the CMO of a global cybersecurity company with a wide range of products. She took an active role in the company’s growth over the years and developed extensive skills in digital marketing, business growth, and leadership.

A continuous advocate of valuable experience sharing, Toma is now expanding her focus to investment. She is looking to be an impactful angel investor with outstanding industry knowledge and a vast network of connections.

Prefered sectors

  • Service industry
  • Health tech
  • Biotech
  • Fashion & beauty tech
  • Sharing economy
  • Agriculture tech
  • AI and impactful machine learning models
  • Sustainable tech


Preference for reviewing periodic monthly updates from the company. Toma would consider an advisor position, being involved in strategic decisions, and other active roles if both sides see value in it.

Toma is a supportive, inspiring, and wonderful person who can give you the emotional support you need to move forward. She totally understands what I am going through as a founder in this startup world and she always has an amazing solution. 


She can also expertly navigate the entire team through current challenges and do it in a genuine, compassionate way, leaving everyone extra motivated and inspired. And you can be sure that on a rare occasion when she doesn’t know something, her vast network will have an answer. We are lucky to have such an inspiring lead investor on our team!

– Agota Jakutytė,
CEO, Co-founder of ZENOO

Toma, our angel investor, and mentor, has been a cornerstone of Memby’s development. Her strategic vision and pragmatic advice have been invaluable in our journey as a K-12 online tutoring platform. Beyond financial support, Toma’s wisdom has guided us through important decisions, team management, and marketing strategies. Her influence has been pivotal in shaping Memby into a reliable educational service for students and parents alike.


Silvestras Stonkus,
Co-Founder of Memby / Digiklase

Investment portfolio


Personalized raw food & wellness product service for pet well-being


Digital learning platform

Silvertech accelerator

Digital enablement for solutions aimed to help older adults live happier and healthier lives

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